Property management Cagnes-sur-Mer and Saint-Laurent-du-Var

You think or have chosen your property to be let or managed by professionals ? It’s the best choice !

It is true that renting by yourself is not an easy task and is much more of a constraint, starting with the selection of the right tenant. Added to this are the rents to be collected which waste your personal time, and also the various damages caused by successive tenants, thus your real estate assets deteriorate and their market value drop. Avoid the hassle of management and call on MCE Immobilier real estate agent to manage your property. So ensure serenity, transparency and trust.

MCE Immobilier "Agence des Vespins" offers you its rental management service which includes the services detailed below. And because we are aware that each landlord is different, we adapt to all your specific requests by offering you tailored management services.

Property management Cagnes-sur-Mer and Saint-Laurent-du-Var

Management :

  • Collection and money transfer to your bank account.
  • Release : management statement sent by email with each rental payment informing about the tenancy's situation.
  • Receipt of tenants' departure notices. You will systematically receive a request for re-rental or sale of your property.
  • Notifications of entry and exit to the tax department, changes to telephone, gas, electricity contracts, change of mailbox and doorbell names.
  • Payment of invoices, we take care of the payment of your invoices.
  • Annual regularisation of charges : heating / household waste maintenance….
  • Management of housing allowances: C.A.F. or M.S.A. declaration.
  • Declaration of property income.
  • Legal reminders in case of unpaid : formal notice, order to pay by bailiff.
  • The annual revision of the rents at the date birthday of the lease according to index I.N.S.E.E. fixed by the state.
  • The reminder of the tenant’s insurance certificate on each anniversary date.
  • The account closure of the tenant in case of notice.

Unpaid rent garantee :

In addition, in order to enhance your rental property, we can integrate into our service insurance covering :

  • Unpaid rent guarantee (up to €70,000 per claim and per tenant).
  • Property damage guarantee (up to €7,000 per accommodation).
  • Financial loss on the restoration of the accommodation (2 months rent).
  • Legal defence guarantee : procedures covered by insurance (lawyer, bailiffs, eviction, etc.).
  • Recourse (€3,000 including VAT / litigation - Intervention threshold €230).

Unlike its competitors, MCE Immobilier remains available from Monday to Sunday in addition of offering quality services at competitive prices. Request a tailor-made quote for your future managed property/properties.

Tax deductible service

Home rental

Always concerned to give you complete satisfaction, we make every effort to meet your requirements. Thus, we are looking for the ideal tenant for you according to the selection criteria that you will have listed beforehand.

At MCE Immobilier, nothing is imposed on you, you are and remain the final decision-maker of your project. You validate yourself the “best” candidate among the applicants that we submit to you and which will of course have been checked beforehand. In this step, we will essentially act as advisors with our experience.

To achieve your project successfully, we provide the following set of services:

  • Development of your search criteria.
  • Publication of massive advertising on real estate most popular (,,,, ..).
  • Use of our database to rent your property.
  • Visibility for our local customers.
  • Check of the tenant’s references (tax assessment notice, employment contract, pay slips, rent receipts, etc.)
  • Drafting of the tenancy agreement.
  • Completion of the inventory as well as the delivery of the keys.